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Chronology of the Capuchin mission in Pondicherry (1632-1828)

1632  - The first batch of six French Capuchins arrived at Pondicherry with the French traders.
1634 - The French closed its sea – agency and the Capuchins too leave Pondicherry.
1642  - The second batch of Capuchins arrived at Pondicherry but leave soon.
1673  - The third batch of Capuchins arrived at Pondicherry with the French Settlers.
          - François Martin founded the City of Pondicherry.
          - He invited officially the French Capuchins the apostolic missionaries of Madras, the city of British to Pondicherry for the spiritual ministry and the missionary activity.
1674  - Fr, Cosmos De Gien founded the Capuchin mission in Pondicherry.
1686  - Frs. Jacques of Bourges, Lawrence of Angouleme and Spiritus of Tours arrived.
          - The Capuchins built the First Church of Pondicherry dedicated to St. Peter (Lazer) by the finanicial assistence of Thanappa Mudaliar @ Lazar de Motta a local Christian leader of the Tamil Christian community.
1689  - The French Jesuits’ mission failed in Siam and came to Pondicherry.
1690  - The Capuchins opened the mission stations of Alambarve, Karayampuly, MaraKanam,Cuddalore, Manjakupam and Kadapakam.
1693  - The Dutch captured Pondicherry and expelled the missionaries.
1699  - The missionaries returned.
          - Pondicherry Tamil Christian community was constituted as a parish under the diocese of Mylapore. Fr. Jacques de Bourges OFM.Cap was appointed the first Parish Priest of Pondicherry.
          - Within few months, the Jesuits were appointed exclusively to the Tamils and The Capuchins became in charge of the Europeans and the Eurasians.
1703    -Francois Marie de Tours went to Rome to present the controversy of Malabar
             rites  and the rights of the Capuchin missionary work among the Tamils to Propaganda Fide.
1704    - Cardinal Mailard de Tournon the Roman Legate condemned the Malabar rites.
1706  - Pondicherry Capuchins in the mission of Chandernagore, West Bengal.
1709  - The first church of the Capuchins dedicated to Our Lady of the Queen of the Angels was built.
1732  - Fr. Thomas of Poitiers opened a new mission among the tribals near Chittor.
1737  - Karaikal became a mission station of the Pondicherry Capuchins.
1738 - The Capuchin church of the Queen of the Angels became a parish in the diocese of Mylapore.
1750    - Capuchins of Pondicherry in Coastal Andhra.
1776  - Fr. Sebastian of Nevers OFM.Cap, was appointed as the Prefect Apostolic over the Europeans and the Eurasians in Pondicherry.
1792  - French Revolution affected the development of the Capuchin Prefecture.
- Fr. Benedictus of Monterotundo the last Prefect Apostolic of the Capuchin
1811  - The end of Missionary labour of the French Capuchins of the Province of Tours.
          - The arrival of the Italian Capuchins in Pondicherry to continue the Mission.
1828  - Apostolic Prefecture of the Capuchins transferred to the Holy Spirit Fathers.
          - The end of Capuchin mission in Pondicherry.

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